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Mercantile for the Community

Mercantile's Activities for the Community

Mercantile for the Community

The success of an organization or company is not only measured from a business aspect, but also from aspects of activity for the sake of the community in which the organization operates.

Bank Mercantile, perceives activity and involvement in the community for the sake of the community as a supreme goal –, reinforcing, leading and contributing while directing attention towards bodies in the community that require assistance.

The bank accomplishes this by providing various donations and sponsorships and by its employees' voluntary actions.

Involvement in and contribution to the educational field

Bank Mercantile has conducted three major projects for a number of years:

  • A Computer for every Child  

As a part of our contribution to the community, the bank has fruitful cooperation with the National Project for Economic Development Association in the computer for every child project.

As a part of this very welcome project, computers, software and instructions on the various software and the Internet have been given to children from families in distress, who are unable to purchase a computer for the children.
The granting of computers takes place as part of distribution ceremonies in which the children and family members, mayors and local councils and bank representatives participate.

  • A Start for the Future

Within the framework of the project "Mercantile Startup," the bank grants bursaries to students according to socioeconomic considerations and their academic achievement level.
The bank's goal in this project is to aid in promoting and improving young people's academic achievements particularly in the Acre and Nazareth regions. 
The social "gain" from this project is twofold – Beyond aiding the students with study funding, on their part they undertake to contribute time to assist students in the towns and cities for which they come in their studies.

  • The Yad Eliezer Association 

The bank cooperates with the charitable organization "Yad Eliezer," within the framework of which it grants bursaries to students in the ultra-Orthodox population. In consideration, the students undertake to assist 2nd to 8th grade students for a certain number of hours during the year as is determined with them.      


Involvement in and Contribution to the Sport Field

Bank Mercantile undertakes many diversified additional activities, executed as a part of its activities in the community.

A special example is providing sponsorship for three outstanding sportswomen.

In cooperation with the "Athena" organization, the bank traced three promising and outstanding sportswomen. The bank assists these sportswomen via study bursaries and financing their sports equipment:

  • Tamar Lagman – Israeli judo cadets champion
  • Elham Mahmid - Captain of the Israeli goalball team
  • Bat El Gaterer – Israeli Tae Kwon Do champion

This sponsorship is actually given to the three sports: following a public discourse that discussed the situation of female sport in Israel.

Of course we all aspire to witnessing these sportswomen continuing to succeed with respectable achievements.

November 2014 – Bat El Gaterer wins the silver medal 
Click to view the report on YNET (By clicking the link you will be transferred to an external website that is not under the bank's responsibility)

Recently, Bank Mercantile held a ceremony to honor the three outstanding sportswomen that it accompanies. 

18/2/14 Toast week, Tamar Lagman won the title of Israeli Judo Cadets champion. 

13/4/14 Bat El Gaterer won first place in the Belgian Open Championship

Bank Employees' Activity

Mercantile's Employees for the Community

Employees' Volunteering:

Currently, at Bank Mercantile there are branches, units and employees who have taken the reins and deal in various voluntary activities.

2014 was declared a year of social activity alongside business activity at the bank.

Within this framework, the bank is organized to add another tier to its activities for the community by establishing an organizational infrastructure in which some of the bank's employees will participate throughout the country in volunteer activities in the communities in which we operate.
In this context, we reiterate that Bank Mercantile is a bank whose customers and employees represent the entire social strata in Israel and, as such an organization, it can do much for the many communities and population groups.

In conclusion, it should be noted that, at present, the bank is undertaking a campaign to collect items of clothing in which the bank's employees and customers also participate. Representatives of the bank will send the clothing collected to a number of associations throughout the country, who will distribute them amongst the needy.