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How does one participate in the mercantile@internet service?

Start browsing on mercantile@internet with two simple actions:

  • Complete the participation in the direct banking services application form
    and the application form for opening an account and determining the fields of action 
  • For corporate account owners, complete the notification form regarding making the decision in the Corporation regarding anticipation in mercantile@internet for businesses.
  • Come to one of the from Bank Mercantile's branches.
  • An initial entry password, which must be changed within 30 days, is received. 
  • That's it. You can browse in your account at any time and from any place.

How will you browse on mercantile@internet? 

  • Click on the entry button to your account.
  • Type the identification document, identification code and password.

Why would it be worthwhile for you to be connected? 

  • Online browsing saves you valuable time and the necessity to arrive at the branches.
  • Independent 24/7 activity
  • Receipt of information and execution of transactions most securely.
  • Executing transactions and receiving information from any location in the world