Credit Cards

Diners Club

The Conditions for Holding Diners Club Credit Cards  
Holders of Bank Mercantile Diners credit cards can execute purchases and receive services at businesses, online and telephonically. Furthermore, holders of International or Platinum cards can also make purchases overseas.
* The card can also be used for withdrawing cash from the ATM and receiving information and executing banking transactions via the feedback devices at the branches.
* Debit dates for purchases:
,The 2ndor 15thof the month pursuant to the customer's choice.
* Debit dates for purchases overseas:
Local Diners – On the arrival of the debit from overseas
Diners International – Postponing the forthcoming debit date, without interest and up to Current +30
Diners Platinum – Postponing the date of the next debit, to after the date of the forthcoming debit – Current +60
It is possible to advance the debit date of transactions overseas by contacting CAL's customer service.