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Mercantile Online

Receipt of Information and Execution of Transactions

The mercantile@internet website enables you to execute transactions and receive information about your account without any time or place limitations.

The website is secured and enables subscribers to mercantile@internet to browse securely with peace of mind.

The mercantile@internet website undergoes upgrading.

We strictly update and renew the website from time to time, in order to improve the user's experience and enable you to execute transactions and receive information in the most convenient and simplest manner.

What is new? 

  • We have reformatted the pages and menu.
  • We have added short cuts as a personal menu for the customer's choice.
  • We have added a menu for rapid transactions, including a number of common transactions.
  • We have added information about the route from which the user arrived, with the goal of facilitating orientation.

We hope that, from now on, use of the site will be convenient, simple and more


Why is it worthwhile subscribing for the mercantile@internet service?

  • Timesaving – Executing transactions and receiving information at all times rapidly and simply without arriving at the branch, at your tempo  and without queues
  • Updated – The mercantile website is updated daily with the bank's new products. Your current account is updated on-line with the recent transactions executed in it and on your credit cards.
  • Personal – Accessing mercantile@internet is executed via your personal password and identification code and is available from any online location.
  • Easy to use – mercantile@internet is user-friendly and accessible.
  • Most worthwhile! - The cost of a transaction executed online is substantially lower than that executed by a teller.

How does one subscribe to mercantile@internet simply and quickly?


  • Access the website from Bank Mercantile's branches.
  • Complete the application form for subscribing to the direct banking services
  • And the application form for opening an account and defining the fields of activity
  • For the owners of a business account complete the notification form regarding decision making in the corporation regarding subscribing to mercantile@internet for businesses
  • An initial entry password, which must be changed within 30 days, is received.
    That's it. You can browse in your account at any time and from any place.