Types of Account

Soldiers Account

Hard during Training, Easy during leave

We at Mercantile, believe in you, the soldiers and offer you a an interest and linkage free loan of up to NIS 6000 and up to 60 payments, with a repayment of NIS 100 per month so that you can enjoy the next leave already!

Are you preparing for discharge? We have a special loan for you!

An all-purpose loan – Intended for soldiers up to four months before their discharge.

The loan sum – up to NIS 10,000 in monthly payments of up to 18 payments at an interest rate of Prime + 1%


This article refers to both sexes from the age of 18, the loan is intended solely for soldiers who transfer   from the pay department. The bank is entitled to condition extending the loan on collateral, subject to the bank's procedures. The bank is entitled to stop this campaign at any time without advance notice.