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Bank Mercantile's investment consultants, who are available at the investment centers, specialize in providing advanced consultation services adapted to your needs
Consultation is at a high and objective professional level pursuant to the law. 

The personnel at the investment center cause have consultation licenses from the Securities Exchange Commission. 
Prime consultants are available at Mercantile's investment centers. These consultants focus on the capital market and its related transactions.
We only provide consultation to our customers after we have studied and familiarized ourselves with their needs and investment targets.
Our consultants will be happy to provide you with investment advice tailored to your personal needs, pursuant to the investment policy and a risk profile adapted to you.
We at Mercantile conduct initiated professional consultation, discussions and especially personal relationships.

Reliable and Updated Information

Mercantile's investment staff receives regular information from the bank's Research Department and support from the investment committee that convenes once every two weeks.
The investment center staff has advanced consultation support tools at its disposal, which enables executing market and trend analyses as well as analyses of current information regarding securities and financial assets in Israel and overseas. The bank cooperates with leading international companies such as Morning Star and S&P in analyzing and rating equities, bonds and funds overseas.

Means of Communications

Your investments are important to us. Consequently, will be happy to meet you at any convenient location for you, at the investments center, your office or at any other location of your choice. 

Mercantile has 2 large investment centers spread over two locations in Israel.
Meetings can be arranged at each of the centers with the necessary privacy and discretion.

Name of Center

Center's Address

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

The Tel Aviv Investment Center, Hayovel Tower

125 Menachem Begin Road, Tel Aviv


The Nazareth Investment Center

Located in the Yafia Branch


The investment Center office hours are coincident with the stock exchange trading times.

Providing this service is subject to the Regulation of Dealing in Investments Consultation in the Investments Market and in Managing Investments Portfolios Law, 5755 – 1995, the relevant provisions of the law and to engagements with the bank in the appropriate service agreements, pursuant to their terms and conditions.