General Information on Mortgages

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It's important to finalize the financial planning prior to purchasing an apartment so that you will be able to arrange the organization of financial sources
Bank Mercantile implements a broad business vision, rapid responses, adaptation to the customer's needs and flexibility in the mortgage field.
You will be surprised at how simply and efficiently we handle a mortgage receipt process.

Types of Mortgages

At Mercantile, we offer a number of types of housing mortgages, which are provided for the purposes of acquiring or building residential homes, for investment in apartments for the children etc.
Of course, we also offer loans to those eligible for special Ministry of Building and Housing loans pursuant to its instructions.

Why take a mortgage at Mercantile?

  • Taking a mortgage at Mercantile is quick and efficient from the request submission stage to receiving the loan principal . 
  • Professional, polite and efficient consultation tailored to the nature of the mortgage and your needs. 
  • A broad range of mortgage schemes. 

Visit the  mortgage center proximate to your place of residence for further details.

Mortgage Tariff Schedule

The Guide to Receiving a Loan

Mortgage Calculator

* Non-compliance with repayment may lead to a charge of arrears interest