Types of Account

Student Account

Financing academic studies for students

Students at Mercantile are entitled to financing an academic degree without any preceding terms and conditions and commence repaying only a year after completing their studies.

How does this process work?

  • The loan is suitable for all academic institutions authorized by the Council for Higher Learning
  • The loan sum:  Up to NIS 15,000 for each loan for each academic year or the payment sum of the voucher (whichever is the lowest)
  • Period: Up to 9 years
  • Grace: Up to 5 years A bridging loan (grace) is about a year after completion of the studies – One date
  • Only NIS25 is paid per month for the entire loan and only start paying the balance a year after completion of the studiers.
  • The entire loan sum can be returned at each stage without any fines.
  •  Enjoy a student account with 4 years of benefits
    Exemption from current account commissions and get a free credit card!

Additional details at the Mercantile branches or telephone *2524


* Subject to the bank's terms and conditions
* The bank is entitled to stop the campaign at any time without advance notice.
* Will Full and binding details are available at the branches.
* Extending credit is subject to the bank's procedures and the branch manager's discretion
* Full and binding details at the branch will
* The bank is entitled to stop this program at any time without advance notice